April 16, 2007

Pete wins!

...but Will Ferrell put up a surprisingly good fight until the very end. Here's some fan video of Will Ferrell (movie star & USC Alum) vs. Pete Carroll (super-awesome football coach and one of half a dozen namesakes for Pete) in a swimming competition at Swim with Mike, the annual fundraiser for students with disabilities at USC, hosted at the campus' swimming facilities. Will is the one in the speedo (of course).

Plus, here are some pics from the event, from
BeatSc.com, vi
Blogger: Pete's Bananas - Edit Post "Pete wins!"a Deadspin. (warning: more Will Ferrell in a speedo close-ups. Also the pics are quite large and may take awhile to load.)

Update: More video! Not the whole race, but definitely prettier. (Through The Wizard of Odds)

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