April 18, 2007

Steve Capus doesn't just make the news, he IS the news

I met NBC News President Steve Capus once, while I was an intern at the LA Bureau for NBC News. He's got a surprisingly quiet and modest demeanor for someone who so capably manages such a large number of powerful people, heading up NBC Network News as well as overseeing MSNBC (directly led by Dan Abrams). Despite being the highest-ranking executive in the room, he was definitely the easiest to talk to and the one I was least afraid to introduce myself to.

On to relevant information. I first noticed Steve Capus showing up in the news last week following the Imus scandal, after he fired the morning cable news personality. Today, Capus is again the subject of headlines, after NBC News received correspondence from the shooter at VA Tech, sent just prior to his violent rampage. NBC News is now a part of the investigation, not just doing the investigating.

News about the news and journalists happens all the time (Katie Couric's move to CBS, Bob Woodruff's injury in Iraq, plus all the media analysis seen daily on The Daily Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann). But it's interesting that NBC News and its leader are in the spotlight for a full two weeks in a row, and both times for something basically out of Capus' control. It'll be interesting to see what befalls NBC News next week.

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